Monday, May 29, 2017

May 29, 2017

I have this problem where during the lessons I start imagining the investigators getting baptized and becoming a member of this church and then I have to catch up to what we are actually talking about. haha

This week was good. TRANSFERS. My new comp is Hermana Chynoweth from Castledale, Utah. Yeah, I didn't know where it was either. Ha, but she's a very sweet gal and we are workin super hard. It's fun leading out the area. We are finding lots of people with lots of potential. I come home soooo tired every night. I promise within three minutes of being in bed, I'm out.

Everyone these days have been giving us fruit. so its pretty cool, and i have been making delicious smoothies. and also I'm becoming quite the cook. ha not really, but cooking for lunch is actually really calming for me and I make me and my comp way good meals, so that's cool.

Mosquitoes are also literally the devils insect. I spray my arms and legs real good, but they have been getting my elbows and fingers sooo much. They are the worst.

The church is super true! and I love this work! and I love you all
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Getting a new mission president in a couple weeks. I love them so much. I will miss them
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This tree has tons of purple flowers and it always smells so good.

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