Monday, September 18, 2017

September 18, 2017

The cuties that will be baptizedJose Alberto Adriana Marilin

Also one of the best lil old ladies!! She's the cutest thing and I love her sooo much!

Also, Anthony Davis is Mormon and in my ward. 

Random fact....Dominicans use their ovens as an extra cuppoard. They ask you if you want a drink of water, and then they pull out the cups from in the oven. Or they ask if you want some crackers, or avocados or something random, and they pull it out from the oven. Its really funny. Everything but stuff you bake goes in their ovens. 

Another fact. I hit 8 months in the mission today. Time is just flying by! ahhhhhhhh

Fact 3... I have lice. Washing your hair and then seeing gross little bugs coming out is not a fun experience. So this week was just a lot of lice hunting. All the actual bugs are out, but they laid billions of tiny eggs, so my comp has been real great and has been trying to find them and take them out strand by strand. But a pro to all this was that we got to go sleep in a nice air-conditioned apartment because we didn't have running water one night so the missionary couple that had been helping picked us up late one night and took us to their house where they put special shampoo in my hair and got some lice out. Then I slept in a nice, air-conditioned room snuggled up with a nice big comforter. 

We have been working with a few really great people and this week they had their baptismal interviews and next Saturday will be their big day!

My testimony has been really strengthened of just how true this church is lately. We have been working with this guy who is super into the bible and he needs all the evidence of everything in the bible. And then our most recent lesson he pulled out some Catholic bible with 8 other books that I had never heard of. I just asked him, but who are these people? Are they prophets? And he obviously couldn't say yes. He didn't really know where they came from. But working with him has just been an eye opener because everything in this church is of God, it´s what Jesus Christ intended for his church to be. I love this gospel sooo much! I know without a doubt its the only true church. If you don't know it, just pray to our Heavenly Father who knows everything!!!!

Monday, September 11, 2017

September 11, 2017

We were all so happy after their baptismal interview.

Yo yo yo. 

So this "huge hurricane" turned out to be a letdown. It was just your average rain storm. Not even lots of wind or anything where we were. But besides being stuck in our house all day Thursday because at any moment "the big part of the hurricane is going to come," it was an amazing week. I am just so beyond grateful for the hand of God in this work and for his spirit that touches the hearts of people who are ready. 

Ever since I've  arrived in this area we have been working with Jenny. she has about six months with the missionaries, and in that time has had several baptismal dates fall through because she just doesn't feel ready. The lessons we've had with her we have focused on repentance cause she doesn't feel the need to repent. So there's a lil back story. Now to the most recent lesson with her. We talked about the great sacrifice of Jesus Christ and how he suffered and died for us so we could return and live with our Heavenly Father again. We talked about how we need to be ready at any moment to return to the presence of God, and this is why repenting everyday is so important. I learned a lot in the MTC and one thing my MTC president said to me is that you can make a spiritual moment for your investigator, you can make any situation, any moment, the moment they come to know the truth. So there in that hot little garage, with wet clothes hanging around us, we all got on our knees and she offered the sweetest prayer asking God to help her repent and be ready for baptism. The spirit was so strong, and she looked the happiest I have ever seen her in the time I've known her. Jenny now has a baptismal date coming up. Woohooo.
But that's not the only miracle of this week. We have been working with a wonderful Haitian family. The dad and the oldest son have been baptized a long time ago, and so we've been working on getting the mom and other son baptized, but they need to get married first. So along with the help of the ward, little by little they have been saving the money to get married. and finally we have enough so hopefully in the next week or two, depending on when they can get the appointment to sign the marital documents, we will be having the wedding and baptism of the Tibas. 

Yayay for missionary work!!                                  

So this transfer is almost coming to an end. Crazy how fast it went by. All of our hard work in the beginning is soon going to pay off. We are working with about 6 solid people to be baptized the last Saturday of this transfer, the 23. I'm hoping that all of them come through. Truly I feel so humbled that Heavenly Father is trusting me with these people. These precious souls. We are working with this 17 year-old boy who has soooo much knowledge of the bible and we were teaching him about the restoration and he had all these questions that were super deep and he wanted all the evidence in the bible, and truly I felt inadequate. I don't have all this bible knowledge, sometimes I don't have enough words in Spanish to explain the way I want to, Ya know, just those lil doubts that creep in. But it's Satan trying to get me down and I won't let him. I will just study even harder, learn more things, and keep teaching the best I can. Cause that's what I'm here to do. So back off Satan. 

I have a confession. I had a pet cat for a day and a half. So one day we were headed to an appointment and we saw this teeeeny tiny baby cat in a gutter all dirty and this man was trying to get her away from his shop so he was just pushing her with a broom, and it broke my heart. And then a day or two after that we saw her on the road all alone. And then one night as we were leaving an appointment we heard this little crying, meowing noise and we looked to the gutter and there was the same cat, all alone and sad. So I made the quick decision and I picked her up and took her home. She was so tiny, and although it's a mission rule not to have pets, my thinking behind it was "Why does Heavenly Father keep putting her in my path?" So yeah, I took her and I gave her a lil bath, tried to give her some milk and bread, and made a lil bed for her in a box. She was a cute gal, but she wouldn't stop meowing super loud. I think she just wanted her mama. So the next day I found a big mama cat on the street and gave her my baby cat. I hope she is doing well. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

September 4, 2017

a pic with all three of my comps. wooow cool.

Jacob is a dog but acts like a baby. 

This week was extremely fast, and super good. We had zone conference. Went on an intercambio to the southern part of the island where I saw horses and cows for the first time in like 7 months haha. Also saw some darling lil goats on the side of the road, but then a lil bit farther down the road, they were killing them and hanging them upside down, so I tried to forget that part. Goats are cute. 

I'm super sick of bugs. These huuuge cockroaches are always  getting into our house and they are like the length of my wrist. Also our bathroom always has tons of mosquitoes so while you're going to the bathroom you just gotta swat them away. Also our shower has all these little tiny bugs that I have no idea what they are and my shower body scrubber is always full of them, so I just gotta wash it out and then scrub my body and hope I'm not scrubbing these bugs into my skin. 

We had a great activity with our ward and investigators. It was about the plan of salvation. and everyone would move room to room to learn about each part of the plan and at the very end my comp and I stood in front to answer all the questions people had. But something you need to know is that there are lots of hoodrat kids off the street always doing stuff on the grass or basketball court of the chapel, so of course knowing that everyone needs this gospel we invited them in to learn this wonderful plan......and have a donut at the end.... the donut part got them. Okay so now back to the question and answer part of the activity. We had several investigators with good questions, but then all the hoodrat kids started asking all sorts of questions, like what is hell like, what does Satan look like, etc. Just really dumb questions like that just trying to stump us. Eventually the bishop stopped them haha I thought it was pretty funny though.

This week we saw tons of miracles. Finding houses here is impossible. Like the road names are never written, same with the house numbers, and so we had a couple people this week we contacted on the street and we tried to find their houses, and like i said it's do on your own, but if you have the help of Heavenly Father it's possible. And by lil miracles here and there we found the houses and one of these people and her daughter came to church and I think they are gonna get baptized. 

And then the best way to finish the week was that we had sooo many investigators in church. (10 of them) They all  just kept coming throughout sacrament meeting and by the end our row was so squished with investigators I was practically sitting on my comp's lap. It was so great. I am having so much fun here, and we are seeing so much progress. Wooohooooo also this week someone in the street said i look like a fluffy dog cause of my hair. GRACIAS 

Monday, August 28, 2017

August 28, 2017

Saying goodbye to these little ladies was soooo hard! They were both just sobbing, then I started crying too. And it was so sad. They were such a blessing to me in Piantini.

Me and my new comp, Hermana Yep. She's from Chicago and her padres are Mexican.

Heavenly Father blessed me with some more lil Haitian babies to love though, so it's okay.

The DR is hoooooot. And even hotter when youre climbing baby moutains all day. Being here has opened my eyes to just how wonderful and what a blessing air conditioning is. That will be a cool day when that exists in my life again, but until then I will just keep using the restoration pamphlets as a fan. 

We found this really great woman. She's like 60 and we invited her to church and she actually came, and when she introduced herself in Relief Society she said ¨This is my first time in this church but I hope to be here forever.¨So yeah, that was a great miracle and now she's got a baptismal date coming up! But I always get a lil hesitant to mention cool miracles like that because the last time I wrote about someone who I thought was golden....well she turned out to not just be Claudia, but CRAZY CLAUDIA. So I'm hoping that's not the case for this lady. But I don't think it is. Marylin is great. God is definitely helping us lots here. The work is really progressing.

Something I've come to love is the books of the teachings of all the prophets. It's incredible that we have men guiding us who are literally led by God and I've come to have deeper appreciation for them by reading their life stories and their teachings. I'm currently reading about Ezra Taft Benson. He's dope, and while he was prophet he focused a lot on The Book of Mormon. He said that the whole church is under condemnation because we aren't reading and studying the words of this sacred book more, and that we need to repent for not putting as much heed to its teachings in our lives. Those words are pretty strong, and I definitely had some repenting to do after reading that. haha But the mission has strengthened my testimony so much of this book. I love the time every day that I get to study the words of these prophets. We are all so beyond blessed to have this knowledge. We can't take it for granted. I think of my convert, Leonel. Every time we stopped by to visit him he was listening to The Book of Mormon. It was so new to him and it was so nice to see someone with a brand new testimony of this amazing book and the heed he put in his life to be uplifted by its words. I need to do the same and make time to study The Book of Mormon. These aren't my words. They're the words of the prophet, SO DO IT! 

In true missionary form, I will be following up with ya'll next week. haha. Okay, bye.

Monday, August 21, 2017

August 21, 2017


Well there is a lot to say about my new area. I will give ya'll the run down. So Herrera has been pretty dead for the past several months. Not too much goin' on here. And well let's just say the numbers and statistics prove it. But wow. This ward is incredible. I don't even know how the work hasn't been killer here because the ward wants to help so much, and has tons of referrals for us. Slowly but surely this work is going to come alive here. It already is. God blessed us with toooons of miracles this week. We put some baptismal dates down this week, several new people came to church, and I can just feel it. Soon Herrera is going to get out of the slump it's been in for the past while and in no time it will be thriving. 

This area is all hills. For all my family out there reading this, my area is like walking the hill to grandma and grandpa's house all day errday. Good thing I don't have my mothers knees!

 A blessing or gift or talent or whatever ya wanna call it, that I have always had is that I can sleep. ln any circumstance I can fall asleep, and super quickly. But this talent has left me the past week. I don't know if it's the extreme heat, or the loud music playing until 2 in the morning, or the baby that lives next door crying, or maybe all of the above, but Heavenly Father is helping me to keep on keepin' on. There's a lot to be done here. 

Also there are tons of darling old people in this ward so I'm enjoying that. 

The other day we were knocking doors and a lady was cleaning her fridge so we offered to help, and she allowed us to help take out the fridge shelves, clean them, and put them back in. But while we were putting the shelves back in we all got really confused on how they fit in and I kept trying all sorts of ways it could go in, and I was at it for like a half hour and the lady just kept encouraging me with "Yeah, Mormon." haha Like so many times she said that. And then finally I got them to fit, and so we started the process of putting all the food back in and the lady found this cake that she had forgotten about. And it was very clear she had forgotten about it...SO OLD. But she got super pumped about it and wanted to reward us for our help and so she broke off a piece for each of us and got super happy when we took a bite. And ahhh it was so bad. So when she turned around I threw it in my bag and then my comp did the same. God will always give us a way to escape any hard situtation--any old rotten cake or any trial. ¨Remember that!

Monday, August 14, 2017

August 14, 2017

Dania and Rosmita

Ahhhh gonna miss these people. its been a good time with Hermana Chynoweth. 

Cleonse and his children

Doxy and Alphonse

My time in Piantini has come to an end. I will be headed about 25 min west to Herrera tomorrow morning. This is definitely a bittersweet situation...I am super pumped for something new. I am pretty sure I have contacted every inch of this area in these 6 months. So it will be nice to have a new start. But also I am super sad to leave the people here. I think the way I feel about my converts is the way mothers feel about their children haha. Like all the converts are just little newborn babies in this new life as a member of the church. And i just wanna be with them each step of the way of this process of growing in this Gospel.  I wanna make sure they are coming to church, reading the Book of Mormon, etc. etc. and I just wanna be here to help them. But I guess every mother needs to let their child grow up on their Pretty good analogy right? 

But anyyyyways ya, it has been some rough goodbyes the last couple days. God has blessed me with some pretty incredible people to teach and meet here in this area. I couldn't have asked for a better way to start my mission. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for this time in my life. Definitely some of the best and happiest moments of my life have come from these short 6 months and I'm looking forward to this next part of my mission in Herrera.  

Monday, August 7, 2017

August 7, 2017

 finding people to teach through intercoms....the classic

all this time Leonel has had a guitar!! ahhh 

Cleonce has cute children

So our English class that we teach is becoming quite a big deal, and people are taking it too seriously haha. Doxy says we should only be speaking English so everyone can learn better even though we have new people that can't speak any English.  Leonel wants to bring his projector to show videos about learning English "so we as the teachers don't have to do anything." A member, Wilson, wants to start the class off with a lil inspirational English speech. haha 

My comp and I are trying to get Leonel more involved with people in our ward, so the other week we suggested he go to the young single adult class for a week so he could get to know more people. His response was, "I'm not here to meet other people. I'm here for Jesus." haha Tell that to a singles ward in Utah, Leonel. We were teaching an investigator about the prophets and apostles today and we showed him a picture of President Monson and his counselors, and this investigator pointed to Elder Uchdorf and asked, "Trump is an apostle?" haha

Well the highlight of the week... My boy Jossue is Mormom woohoo. Before we met him he was going through a really hard time (I won't go into all the deets or then it will get too long and people probably won't read this letter ha) but he was accused of something he didn't do and it became this big thing in the neighborhood and everyone hated him for a little bit and it got to the point where this poor boy felt like he wanted to take his own life. But then his good neighbor who's a member invited him to church. We met him that Sunday, went to his house that week, and then a month later he became a member of this perfect church. This gospel saved him. He saw that he has a purpose in this life and he felt the atoning and perfect love of Christ. This kid is going to do great things. He's being an example to his family and friends. It's amazing to see what this gospel can do for people. I know with all my heart it's true and real. i knew it before the mish, but now, I dunno, words can't explain the feelings I have for this church. I have no doubts whatsoever that this is truly the church of Christ. #blessed

Monday, July 31, 2017

July 31, 2017

Happy birthday Hermana Chynoweth! When it's the b-day of your comp it's the b-day of you too. Loooots of cake yay


Shirtless man in the back lol men dont wear shirts here. 

Taught some of my Haiitans how to whip and dab. 

Ice cream for Jossue our lil helper. 

A lesson at the temple with Leonel. his idea.He just loves it so much. 

HOLA! The highlight of this week was definitely Saturday. Our dear investigator, Jossue had his baptismal interview, and he passed, and he will be entering the waters of baptism next Saturday. Jossue is so great. He is 14 years old, but super mature, and sweet and nice which is not the norm for 14 year old boys here in the DR. Usually they are kinda punks, but Jossue is awesome. He loves basketball and James Harden. He loves to do zumba with the women in his neighborhood, and he loves Chris Brown haha. 

Also I think I saw James Harden the other day.

But anyways, his interview was at 3 and the baptism was at 5 and that whole time he was our lil sidekick. He helped prepare for the baptism of Cleonse. We played a lil ping pong and he stressed with us when Cleonse was late for his baptism. BUT eventually we went with a member to go pick Cleonse up because his taxi wasn't coming, and it all worked out. The baptism was solid and he was soooo happy!  It's truly amazing how God's hand is in everything. The day I found him was intercambios with the CCM sister. So here I was with someone new, and all of the appointments I had set fell through, and so we went to this neighborhood and bussed the house, but it didn't work, but usually after like a minute and not hearing anything I would move on to the next house, but for some reason we stayed for a little longer than usual. And then out walks Cleonse. He was headed to work and didn't have time to talk, but we got his number and he said he really wanted us to come back.  The next week we went and saw him and that's how it started. I know it was the hand of Heavenly Father that made those other lessons fall through,  The hand of Heavenly Father that made me just wait at that gate a little longer. I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost who guided me to that house and for the Holy Ghost that touched the heart of Cleonse. That man was sooo prepared and I am so humbled and thankful to my Heavenly Father who trusted me to play a part in this man's conversion. Cleonse's testimony was so great at the end of the baptism. He said he is super happy to be baptized and how next Saturday he will get to go to Haiti and be at the baptism of  his neice and nephew, who he took to church in Haiti like 4 weeks ago, and now they will become members too! All through him. Woohooo This gospel is amazing and one of my favorite things ever is seeing someone's countenance change after they come to know the truth of this gospel. There is such a light and happiness. Life is good.  Love ya'll. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

July 24, 2017

Feliz cumpleanos Cleonse

Glivert and Crystal are super funny kids. We are teaching the mother of Gilvert, but the other day she wasn't there so we read The Book of Mormon for kids with them, and then Gilvert just started playing with my hair and like making dreads. haha He calls me Green because I have green eyes and my comp Blue because she has blue eyes, and he thinks that when we go back to New York (that's the only thing he knows about the US haha) our eyes will change to brown. haha He's a weird and funny kid. 

Baby Savannah hahaha


My sweet Rosmita learnin English

Hola Todos!! This week we had the Baptismal interview of Cleonse! And he is ready for this Saturday! Super excited for this man! 

So here in the DR there are men that just walk around with a cooler full of ice cream ringing a bell and they have this delicious cake flavored ice cream/popsicle thing. And it has become one of my talents not only to hear the ringing of the bell and find the ice cream man, but then to eat it suuuuper fast, because it will melt within like three minutes. 

Also something that tons of people do here is they say "si Dios quiere" (if God wants)  for everything. We say hey, come to church, hey, read this book, and the response is always "if God wants." Ughhh, trust me people, God wants. haha

So its pretty certain that i will be leaving in about 3 weeks and i am pretty sad about that. I have come to love these people soooo much. 

Also I am a third of the way done with my mission and I am soooo confused as to where the time has gone! Time is just flying by and I don't know how I feel about it.
There will be a little Haitian baby named after me here in the DR. haha My girl, Chelda, who is about to pop asked me what my first name was and how she wants to name her baby after me. So that's pretty sick. 

Also freak. I hate the men here. They are creeps and almost everyday I have some weird encounter with men trying to kiss me, or asking me to marry them, or asking me to say the word "perfecto" again because the way I say it is just soooo beautiful and attractive. (those aren't my words haha) But anyways, a really obscure thing happened this week on intercambios. So this man started talking to me in English and then he asked for my name and number so I put the names and number of the hermanas in that area, and that was that. But then this Sunday, in the ward of that area, in walks the man we talked to on the street, and he had a letter for the "pastor" and the letter said "I have received revelation that I need to marry Miss White, the girl who prays. I have all my information, my birth certificate, my papers, and now i just need the permission of the pastor." And then he goes on about how he needs to marry me. hahahaha I am sooo glad I am not in that area and that I was only there for a day. 

So yeah, I am having many strange experiences, but also the best ones of my life. I love this gospel and I am soooo happy to be a part of this church! Read yo scriptures! love you

Monday, July 17, 2017

July 17, 2017

Leonel was so pumped to show us that he put his head on a missionary. He says he wants to preach the gospel in Brazil. 

Bautismo do Leonel and also us tyring to learn how to tie the tie to teach him haha 

the smile of a man with the Holy Ghost!!


Also went on intercambios with an hermana from the ccm and her name was Brown and she's brown and my name is White and I'm white lol

Leonel Monterro is a baptized man!! His baptism went very well and after it he gave the most amazing testimony and said something like, "my parents both died when I was young and I have been alone since, but I have never been truly alone. I have always had God, and a long time ago, the voice of God said to me that I need to find the truth. And now here I am, and like the Book of Mormon says, I have partaken of the fruit and now I need to hold to the iron rod." And when he said those words, I just started crying. You guys!!! This work is so amazing. The gospel is true, and seeing it change tehse people's lives is sooooo amazing!

From the first time I met Leonel when we were contacting the building he "guards" and also lives in through the intercom, and then he came over and walked to us and I thought he was gonna say go away, but instead, he invited us to sit down and talk to him, and all I thought in that moment was "Wow, this man talks sooo much haha." But little by little the gospel started to change him, and God permitted me to watch this change in this man. I am so thankful. He still talks sooooo much, but it's okay. We still love him.

On Saturday, Leonel gave us some money to go buy him a new shirt and tie so he could look fresh for when he receives the spirit. But they didn't have any clip-on ties so we bought him a normal tie, but he doesn't know how to tie a normal tie. So we spent a good while trying to learn ourselves and teach him, but we kinda failed. And then on Sunday we were kinda stressed because he wasn't at church and he needed to be confirmed!!! But then he finallyh walked into the church during the sacrament and after, he received an amazing blessing that said the words, "You will meet a worthy woman and go to the temple with her one day," and guess what? I started crying again because once again, I was just in awe of the Lord's plan for his children. Leonel was late because he was figuring out how to tie his tie. haha. Ugh!

Also he was so excited to hand his tithing envelope to bishop. It was soooo cute. 

Monday, July 10, 2017

#blessed July 10, 2017

 This next part goes out to my brothas back at home, because ball is life and I found a legit Taiwanese restaurant in the DR with a Taiwanese woman who likes it when I say ni how ma and xio xio. Already eaten there twice. lol 
The sign at the basketball court says "God bless this court." Joe, you could take these Dominican kids any day. 

 high five lil monkey

I could title all my emails with the word miracle! cause woooow, so many lately. This week two of my recent converts, Doxy and Dania, entered the House of the Lord, and I got to be a part of that experience with them! After Dania got done doing baptisms for the dead, she just gave me a big, wet hug and I just got so emotional. It was such an amazing moment. After that, while we were waiting for Doxy, she leaned over to me and said "the water was hot. I liked it." haha So cute. 

Also this week was a nail biter with Leonel. We've been really stressing the importance of the Book of Mormon with him. He always says he likes it and it's the word of God, but he still hadn't really truly asked and received confirmation that this book is real and true, and his baptism is coming up real fast. So that was at the beginning of this week, and then in the middle of this week, we taught about fasting and he himself suggested that we fast so that he can know what he needs  to know and be ready for his baptism. Yay! Okay, and now we are to the end of the week. So Saturday we go to see Leonel, and the first thing he says is "Wow, its real, this book is true, my neck hurts from reading it so much, and Nephi had to kill Laban for the gold plates. He's a man of God." My smile was soooo big and I was soooo happy!! And so then we continue on with the lesson and I start asking him the questions for his baptismal interview because it was the next day! I asked him if he believes that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God and his response is "no not really. I don't know enough about him and I have never heard his voice." My heart just dropped. The beginning of this lesson I was so pumped and then this moment was like "shoooot, we dont have time for this!" If I was an ipad missionary this would be super easy, just throw on a video about our prophet, but no. So we were talking about how if he knows Joseph Smith is a prophet then Thomas S, Monson is a prophet. But nothin was working. We had him pray right then and there and ask if he's a prophet, and then during the prayer I remembered we had the documentary of Thomas S. Monson in our house. So after the prayer I told him we would be back in like 45 min, so we sped walked to our house (which is not close at all) and my comp was stressin big time, but for some reason I felt at peace. I knew it would all work out and the only thing we could do was maintain our faith. So we walked into our house and just went right to our knees. We prayed for a solid 15 minutes together and I gave the most pleading prayer of my life, and there were tears and honestly it was one of the most spiritual moments of my life. I had never talked to my Heavenly Father like that before, just with so much pleading for help, and I felt his love so much in that moment. So after that amazing moment we walked back to Leonel with high spirits, having faith that it would all work out. I had "If You Could Hie to Kolob" stuck in my head, that song just pumps me up. haha So we got back to Leonel, threw on the dvd "On the Lord's Errand" about Thomas Monson, and the whole 60 minutes he was just making comments like "wow, this man is sanctified, he's been being prepared his whole life, this man listens to God" and at the end he said the glorious words "YES HE'S OUR PROPHET" ahhhhh it was so great. And then last night he had his interview and passed, and after, my zone leader said "he is the most prepared man I've ever seen" ahhhhh God works miracles with faith!! 

So this Thursday Leonel Monterro will become a member of this amazing true Church!! 

Also took Cleonse to the temple this week. "I want to get married here one day" -Cleonse