Monday, November 27, 2017

November 27, 2017

I found out that Hermana Areas, my 87 year old friend has a doll named Tati that she can't sleep without. hahaha she loves this doll and was holding her and caring for her so tenderly. My comp was freaked out but i just couldn't stop smiling. haha 

It was my sweet Yvonne's bday this week. The mom of all these cutie pies. I baked her a cake, and as we walked in with balloons and cake, she whispered to me, "i didn't think anyone would remember my birthday. Thank you."  It's moments and people like her that are truly humbling me and changing me. 

Zone conference. Yay!

We didn't celebrate Thankgiving but I'm still feeling pretty thankful. 
*bug spray
*days when I don't have to eat rice
*ceiling fans
*mashed potatoes and my mom's stuffing that I will be eating extra of next year
*a fridge. my comp broke our fridge so we have only been eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or canned food.
*cute old people 
*the love and support of my family and friends.
*the kindness of the Dominican people.
*the Book of Mormon. It's true. read it. 
*rainy days, when its not soooo hot
*being on the mission. Honestly this is the best time of my life, and I'm learning and growing so much
*getting to be a part of the conversion of these people. watching them learn and really have a change of heart is something truly incredible.
*Jesus Christ and all he did for us.
*looking back on experiences and coming to see that it was the spirit guiding me. One day this week I woke up before the alarm and laid there thinking about the lessons we had that day.  We have a sweet new investigator named Miriany who's 15. Where she lives there is always lots of noise from the road, so I was thinking of how we could have more of a quiet spiritual lesson. And then the thought came "go to the church and have the lesson there" i thought "Ya, good idea Savannah." but come to find out. that was in no way my idea because later that night, there in the silence and peacefulness of the church, Miriany prayed about the truth of this church and her prayer was answered. Right after her prayer we stayed on our knees for a min all of us just in peace and then she broke into tears, and told us how good she felt. God knew that we wouldn' have been able to have that moment in her house so he put that thought in my mind so that this sweet girl could know of the love that God has for her and the truth of this church. 
*i am so thankful to be a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints and to be preaching this message. Out here on the mission I've truly become converted and I'm so thankful to be able to say with all my heart that this church is true. 

Monday, November 20, 2017

November 20, 2017

 Natasha visiting while on her service trip.

 This week my comp came out of our room with a little wrist wrap because her wrist hurt. So she has been wearing this wrist wrap that I'm pretty sure doesn't do anything, and for some reason her wrist only hurts when we are leaving our apartment, but when we get home it doesn't hurt her anymore and she doesn't need her wrist wrap. lol

Several week ago we arrived early to a Family night at a members house. So we were just waiting for the dad to get home to have the family night. and we were awkwardly sitting on the porch with the 24 year old son. But then I remembered that they had brought one of their aunts to church several weeks earlier, so I asked the son to take us to the house of this aunt while we waited for the dad to get home. 

So we walked to the house next door and entered into the aunt's house, but to my surprise it was a different woman, but she also isn't a member so we took advantage of it, and talked to her. She knew several things about the church and had questions and doubts about the Book of Mormon and coffee. but we set up another time to meet with her. And several really good lessons later, and two times in the church later, this week she informed us that she wants to be baptized! It's so amazing to see how the Lord has his hand in all things! It was for a reason that we got to this family night early, and that I was feeling awkward just sitting there with the son, so God not only helped us get out of an awkward situation, but also find someone sooooo prepared! woohooo!

Monday, November 13, 2017

November 13, 2017

This week I sent my comp home to Guatemala and I received my new companion from Brazil. She loves to sing the most random American songs, but doesn't know the meaning of what she's saying haha. But I'm teaching her. She wants to speak the language of cats...She wants to marry Captain America. She loves anime and in her free time she's drawing anime or writing a fantasy. She has the absolute biggest fear of dogs which is a bad fear to have here in the DR cause there are dogs all over in the streets and she grabs me and starts freaking out as we pass them. Also she is either pretty quiet and laid back or she has so much energy that she doesn't know how to control it and she just starts doing a lil dance type thing and being super happy. haha She's funny. 

This week we had the opportunity to hear from Elder Cook who was here in the DR. He said some really amazing things about missionary work that just gave me so much excitement to do this work. whooohooo Then he started talking about his divine calling as an apostle. and then he got quiet and everyone was just waiting for what he would say and the spirit was so strong and then he said ¨i know the Savior's face, and I know the Savior's voice. I've always heard that yes, these men are special witnesses of Jesus Christ but in that moment hearing this man, this apostle of God say those words.. ahh I don't know it was a feeling i can't explain. i was just filled with joy knowing that the leaders of our church really do know our Savior and that this isn't a church led by them but a church led by God and Jesus Christ because they receive instruction from them, whether its through inspiration through the holy ghost or through physically talking to them. WOW but knowing this gives us all the more reason to listen intently to their words and instructions because they are the words and instructions of God and Jesus Christ who are at the head of this church.  

Monday, November 6, 2017

November 6, 2017

 I don't know why she kept her glasses on for the pics but I didn't wanna ask...

Also yaya i got my hands on a guitar this week and played a lil song for Rosa at her baptism.

My zone rented a big bus and we took some of our investigators to the temple! It was a good time! 

This week was the baptism of my dear Rosa. So my whole time here in Herrera we have visited the cute old lady Hermana Areas. She's been a member for 30 years but now she's too old to get to church or do much. So we go over and read the scriptures with her and sing with her. And all this time I've noticed the in-house worker, Rosa. She lives with her and takes care of her. And about 6 weeks ago we invited her to come and read with us. And she loved it. Then we brought her her own Book of Mormon and then we threw in some lessons. Then she started coming to church, and now she's a baptized member! She's a funny weird lady. She gets so passionate talking about God and she starts moving her hands lots and kinda yelling....haha and that's exactly what she did this Sunday after she was confirmed a member. She got up at the pulpit and started talking super loud in the mic and everyone was a lil caught off guard but it was the sweetest, most energetic, happiest testimony I've ever seen! I'm soooo happy for her and so thankful for the hand of God in this work and for the chance to teach some of his children soooooo prepared! 

This week I was hit with a cold and fever and I learned a few things. According to Dominicans if you have a cold you shouldn't wash your hair or do the dishes cause i guess the dish soap and shampoo aren't good for the health. Also I drank soooo many different home made remedies that were terrible. Dominicans are strange but I love em. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

October 30, 2017

 The chunkiest baby I've ever seen. awwwwwww

My sweet Rosa had her interview for baptism! yaya Next Saturday is her big day! 

Also, this pic with Rosa... I promise that's not sweat on my shirt. Those lil boys with the CTR rings threw water on me. 

 This week one of my investigators told me I look like a cat cause I have green eyes. So I guess I look like a poofy dog cause of my hair and a cat cause of my eyes haha. ahh Speaking of my hair....several women in my ward right now have offered to take me to a salon so my hair can be straight and not so ¨"uncombed" haha But I've started telling them this is the way God made it and how He wants my hair and we can't do anything about it. It gets them to back off for a bit. haha

This week my comp and I threw down a lil Book of Mormon stand. it was really fun, just trying to talk to everyone who passed, talkin' 'bout this supah gooood book. Out of the hour and a half we were out there we only had one woman stop and talk to us. The rest were men haha.  All the women that passed just told us to get an umbrella for the sun and continued on. But I've got faith that at least one of those men will find more from that experience than just talking to two female foreigners, but that he will actually read this book and come to know the truth.

I love serving the mission because time and time again the spirit just testifies to me of the truth of this church. The other day we were teaching Charley, our boy band investigator hah and we had an incredible lesson where the spirit was so strong and Charley just kept saying "I feel good, I feel peace" and it's just so true that this gospel just makes you feel good. i can't imagine living without this peace that it brings. I've learned so much here on the mission and one thing is that we can create moments for ourselves where we can hear and feel the spirit. Put dat phone away, go somewhere quiet and invite the spirit into yo life! It's as easy as that. We have a Heavenly Father who wants so badly to talk to us, and he's just waiting for some peace and quiet and a little bit of our focus on the important things in life....and just like that we can create a very spiritual moment for ourselves and hear the things that God wants us to hear.  

Monday, October 23, 2017

October 23, 2017

My lil Haitian family. Well, not very little. Five adorable kids. I love this fam so much and the faith they have. They have been living in their tiny house without power for 16 days now. We were soooo close to having everything ready for them to be married and for the mom to be baptized, but now we discovered they don't have some document..... Neither of the parents have a job right now.....They have many reasons to be down-hearted. But they always have so much happiness and they trust in God so much that he will soon have everything work out. They are such a good example to be happy in the hard times, and no matter what, put your trust and faith in God. This night, in the darkness of their little house the kids were dancing around and we were all laughing and having a good time. Even with the trials we have, we can always find something to be happy about.

There is this thing called Dominican time. Which means if we put a time to leave with a member, or we have a meeting or anything where you put a will actually be about 20 to 30 min after the actual time we put. So part of the mission life is lots of waiting. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

October 16, 2017

All my comps haha 

You know the song Concrete Jungle? Yeah, it actually wasn't talking about New York. It was talking about Herrera

My cutie pie Adriana lookin good for church

So this week I will hit nine months in the mission. To be honest, not quite sure how I feel about the fact that I am already halfway done with the mission. Time is going by a lil too fast. Teaching people the truth all day errday is da best and I don't want it to end!

This week God blessed us bigtime! We were out contacting an area we had never been and weren't having much success. but then we came upon this building with two apartments. So we climbed the stairs and were met by this cute dog that led us to this open door. And there in this apartment sat a 24 year old Haitaian man as if he was just waiting for us to come to his door. We shared with him about the Book of Mormon, and then we somehow got on the topic of priesthood and this power that worthy men can have. I shared about how blessed I have been in my life to have men who hold the priesthood and some of the amazing things that the priesthood can do, and then he said "I want that. What do I have to do to have this?" Then we talked about the gift of the holy ghost. and he said the same thing. "I want this. What do i need to do to have these things? What can I do to be a part of this?" My comp and I just looked at each other in awe and then we told him he had to be a baptized member. Then he said. "Okay, I like things fast. And I want these things as soon as possible, so when can I do this?" Then we asked him to be baptized on November 4th. and he said yes!! 

I was literally so giddy during and after that lesson. God had his hand in this experience. The fact that we decided to go to that area, walk down that road, go to that buidling. It was all the Spirit guiding us. I am so thankful for the gift of the Holy Ghost and priesthood power. And so thankful that Heavenly Father led us to Jessy so he can soon have these amazing blessings!