Monday, May 8, 2017

May 8, 2017

When it's a holiday and no one is out, we just take a break and swing.

Yo yo yo! How's everyone doin? The work here is going good! Finding lots of news with lots of potential. Yesterday was the baptismal interview of Doxy, our Haitian! I'm in the Dominican Republic and so far the baptisms have been of Peruvians and Haitians. We are also teaching a really great Venezuelan right now who seems to be progressing a lot. Alexander. Pray for him! 

I love the work! I'm growing so much out here. Changes are coming. New comp, new mission president. But I'm excited. At first i was feeling really stressed having to lead the area with a new comp, but all you can do is trust in God and have faith in all things. Fear is of the Devil. Faith is where it's at! Love you all so much! 

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