Thursday, January 26, 2017

January 26, 2017

Ahhhhhh my dear family! 

I miss you so so much. It was quite the journey to get here. Many lay overs and we got here very late. But I'm here and on day 8 and all is well. 

Its already been the most stressful, sad, exciting, spiritual week of my life. Yes the food is literally all rice and beans, but the pineapple here is delicious, and we had the biggest avocado one day. Like one slice was as big as my forearm haha. On Sunday i decided to fast. (for the language) I will need all the prayers I can get haha. But anyways, I was fasting and for lunch there were mashed potatoes!! I looooove mashed potatoes, and i missed out on them. But it was just trying my faith haha and I continued my fast. 

So there are about 25 missionaries here. Six in my district. I have two companions. I've been very blessed with my companions. They are good girls. The teachers are so good here. They are all Dominican and speak too much Spanish for me to understand but i love them. One of my teachers said i look like Shakita and i had no idea what she was talking about haha. But then i realized she said i look like Shakira and then lots of other people agreed. hahaha And that teacher loooves touching my hair. But they are really funny. One of my favorite teachers ( I have 4) was teaching and then he looked down at his phone and the mood completely changed. His best friend's 16 year old brother had just died from cancer and he was really shaken up about it. And then one of the elders in my district asked if he wanted a blessing and the spirit was so strong in that moment and there were many tears shed, and if i wasn't so stressed about time and emailing all i want to say, I could make it sound better and be more spiritual. But ya, it just made me think of Joe who is 16 and it was so sad. And ya, I miss my family so much.

The other day we walked to this park that used to be a zoo and it was just so colorful and we walked into where the lion used to be and it was really fun. i love all the people already. Just walking past them i have such excitement and love for them and I can't wait to be out teaching them... hopefully i can. Just gotta have faith that I can learn the language haha, but my companions say i always sleep talk in Spanish. So maybe I'm fluent in my sleep and it will just hit me when I'm awake one day haha.

The spirit is so strong here and I'm so happy to be here and my tesitmony has already been strengthened so much. Elder Civic, a 70 guy spoke to us and i got alot from his talk, but one thing that stood out to me was when he said dont steal heavenly father's time. It's his time not yours, so dont just waste all your time. Get out and serve and love and be an instrument in the Lord's hands. i know I wasted a lot of time but now that I'm on the mission if feel so much more productive and I like it. ahhh theres so much to say but mostly just know i love you all and think about you everyday and pray for you and miss you all like crazy. I'm not rereading this or fixing anything cause i want to read all the letters you guys sent so sorry if its sooo random and doesn't make sense. I love you. The gospel is true. Repent every day.

A story i heard: when they were building the Dallas Texas temple, someone graffitied the basement walls. Anyways the president told them to remove it and put in a new one.. when the president went to the basement he thanked the workers for removing the wall and they told him no we just painted over the wall and he told them to remove it again!! anyways moral of the story. we need to not just paint over our sins. and move on. we need to remove them and be better everyday. this is part of my letter haha love you all i feel much better hearing from you wonderful people.

I'm bad at technology but i will try to learn to email you pics next week. 
Also went to the temple today and i forgot my name haha There is too much stuff in my brain that i have to remember right now.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January 18, 2017

Hellllllllo!!! Wooohoooo, I'm in the Dominican Republic! My hair is already a frizzy mess, haha. We left the airport and were greeted by soooo many people waiting for someone. Probably some famous baseball player haha. We just barely got here though. All of our planes were having problems and the first plane we had to switch after boarding and everything, and then the second one we sat on the plane for a solid two hours waiting for it ot be fixed. Anyways love you miss you.