Monday, May 22, 2017

May 22, 2017

This is my favorite child in the world, and he always cries when I leave, so I'm his favorite too. 

The smile of a man who has the holy spirit!!!

My zone. Yay!

So we have been doing English classes the last several weeks. It's nothin but a blast! We have been getting more and more people and we open with a prayer, people get to be in the chapel, and so ya, its great! We had a power outage for THREE days this week! It's sucked really bad.  All our food went bad, we were dying of heat, and we would come home to a dark house, but all is well now. We have light and fans and a fridge again! 

Wowowow, I love this work. We were visiting with Doxy the other day, our recent convert, and wow he is so happy and he just went on and on about how thankful he was for us and how he will never forget us, and how this gospel has changed his life, and how he is so content now.  It just made me so happy to be here. People like Doxy are the reason I'm here learning a new language, away from the people i love. in a different country. I'm here to help people like him, who God has prepared, enter the waters of baptism! Ahhh just like Doxy I'm so happy and content with the life I'm living right now. It's hard, but sooooo worth it! My life is being changed and I have such a love for this gospel! wooooow!

I get a new comp tomorrow. Sister Chenith or something like that. She's from Utah. She's been out 8 months. I met her at a zone conference. I think we will be good friends and work hard, so I'm excited.

The language is feeling good. I'm pretty solid in all gospel related talk but not the best at just normal small talk and random conversations, but hopefully soon.

To answer your questions, our apartment is the nicest in the mission, I think just cause we're in the richest part of the mission. Yes, it's safe. We have some nice neighbors. We don't have air conditioning but we have ceiling fans and windows we open in the night.

We do lots of buzzing haha. Press intercoms and talk to them through that, which kinda sucks, but it's all good. We have actually been having a good amount of people let us in, so that's cool. And if we see a building with the door open... Wahoo! We sneak in and knock the doors.

te amo! hermana white

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