Thursday, February 23, 2017

February 23, 2017

I will miss my district.

I will really miss the temple

Elder DeWitt. We taught him. He's a really nice guy.

This is my last p-day in the ccm. Muy loco! I've had many amazing experiences in this sacred place, but I am excited and ready to go out into the DR and teach the gospel to these wonderful people. 

What a week! Cons to the week, I had to give blood so I can stay here. It sucked. Needles scare me to death, and I didn't even have your hand to hold, mom. haha And then I had to pee in a cup for the doctor, but she wouldn't let me close the door and I felt so awkward because Elder Monson was literally right next to me. The only thing between us was a super thin wall and if he would have stood up and looked over, it would have been baaaaad news. haha  But the other con to the week was my comp got cursed from one of the Haitian sisters hahaha. Here we are at dinner just enjoying our cheeseburgers. (no idea what meat is in the burgers though, haha) but anyways, there was a spider on Hermana Prince, so she kinda freaked out and then I saw the spider on my arm so I of course freaked out and in trying to get the spider off my arm I threw my burger across the table. So already we have everyone's attention. All the elders and hermanas were watching us and then we saw the spider on the table, so Hermana Prince slapped the table and killed the spider. So all was well again.... we thought... but noooope. The Haitian sisters watched my comp murder the spider and they were so angry. Seriously the look in their eyes was scary. haha One of the Haitians started telling Hermana Prince that they are not friends anymore and she grabbed Hermana Prince's pinky and did a weird curse thing to her. Then she said she's wicked. So we were all kinda laughing really confused at what was happening, but then Hermana Prince started crying. Then the Haitians saw that she was crying so they came over and started wiping her face and kissing her cheeks. It was just the strangest five minutes of my life hahaha. It was so weird and funny. 

But there were many pros to the week. We went on splits. I went out with Hermana Sanchez. We went to visit these two young girls. One was 14 and one was 11. They are Haitians. One could speak Spanish and French, so she would translate for the one that could only speak French. They were really sweet girls who are ready for baptism, but they need permission from their uncle. i also got to hold an adorable Haitian little boy who was like two. He kept grabbing my skirt to have me pick him up, but I didn't know what to do because I thought it was a rule to not hold kids. But then Hermana Sanchez said it was fine, so I didn't ask anymore questions and just held this adorable little boy during the lesson. I couldn't do much. I prayed and testified. That's about it, but it was really fun. The living situations are crazy. It's these tiny alleys of rooms and that is literally their home. Just really poor and everyone just kinda lives together. It's really sad some of the things I saw. But then our second lesson was to this Haitian couple. Who would have thought my first time out teaching would involve hardly any Spanish and mostly French? But we had a member come with us to translate. They were a really sweet couple. They need to get married but the law here is hard for them to get married cause they are Haitians. I don't know all the details but i could just see so much potential in them. i hope it all works out. 

As far as sister training leader in the mtc goes, me and my comps are all three in that calling. We just are over the other Hermanas. We make sure everything is good with them. And as far as music goes, I pick the hymns. I get special musical numbers for meetings. It's fun. i've picked some great people to do musical numbers. i haven't done it though cause I feel like I'm being selfish if I pick myself and its my calling. haha. 

Yesterday Elder Martinez from the Seventy spoke to us. It was a really good devotional, but the thing that most stood out to me was when he said, Opposition means you're on the right track. If the adversary saw that you weren't on a good path, he would just move along to someone else cause he has nothing to worry about with you. But when he sees you're in good places choosing the right he knows he needs to work even harder on you." So just remember that when times are hard, when there's a trial you think you can't handle, don't let the adversary bring you down. Turn to God for help!! 

My teacher was telling us about how he proposed to his fiance and this teacher struggles the most with English. This is a direct quote from his story. "i was so nervous i started crying from my skin" as in he was so nervous he started sweating hahahah I lost it when he said that. i will really miss my teachers here. They have been so wonderful! 

In the temple today i realized that it was the last time for a while because we only get to go every 6 months in the field. I will miss it. i loooooove the temple. Attend as much as possible. It's so sacred and amazing! I love you all. The church is true! PRAY FOR ME!! I hope I get a patient and helpful companion. I'm very nervous but I'm ready to get out and work my hardest. 

Hermama White

Thursday, February 16, 2017

February 16, 2017

Sisters going to the temple

Making Pizza

 Another Lone Peak homie

Adorable Dominican baby


I miss you all! 

So president and his wife took me and my district to a place called Tres Ojos. Three Eyes. It was these really cool lakes inside these caves, and the water was so clear and it was super fun. All the new missionaries were in orientation so they took us out! It was really nice of them. The pics don't do it justice, but it was way, way pretty!

We went contacting by the beach last week. While walking to the beach.....wait for it.....some guy spit on me!! It was just this older man who looked homeless, but i smiled at him and then he just spit all over me. I was so caught off guard and just kept walking and wiped off all his saliva. But then there was no one to talk to by the beach!! And then it started raining super hard on us! So definitely not the best day compared to last week's contacting. But esta bien. Just getting me ready for the good and bad days of missionary work.

The next day I was reading my patriarchal blessing and this line stood out to me. It's in the paragraph about my mission and it said referring to the Savior: "He walks by your side at all times," and in that moment I just felt so close to Jesus Christ, my savior. I just imagined him walking beside me while I was spit on. Christ was spit on and persecuted and so much more! I'm a representative of him, so hate me and spit on me all you want. I don't care, because I'm the closest I have ever been to my savior and that's what matters to me. At first I was kinda sad and really grossed out that he had spit on me but if that wouldn't have happened, I doubt that line would have had such an impact on me and now I know no matter what happens for the next 17 months. my savior is beside me every step of the way! (kanye west) Also, everyone listen up. Read your patriarchal blessings! Don't take them for granted. They are amazing! 

Personal study is my fav time! I get so spiritually uplifted every time. In 2 Nephi 9:38 it says "Wo unto all those who die in there sins, for they shall return to God and behold his face and remain in their sins." This is why we need to be repenting everyday! Don't procrastinate repentance. Each day ask yourself, "If I died today would I be ready to face God?" If not..... well then get on it!!!!!! The atonement is so amazing and we need to be using it everyday! Be as confident as Enos was to come face to face with God. Enos 1:27. Read it. 

So I'm a sister training leader, and also I'm in charge of music here. It's fun. The Haitians sing sooooooo loud. They literally get so into it. They are like closing their eyes and moving their hands even for like sacrament hymns. Its really funny. When we all gather together and they are singing super loud in French and we have English and Spanish going too, its kinda a mess but its cool. haha The church is so true! I love you all! 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

February 9, 2017

Already gone through a pair of shoes, haha.

See ya in two years, Elder Ackley.

I've been blessed with good comps.

Took these from the roof of the MTC. This is my city!

The new Haitian sisters.

Hola my people,

What a week! On Friday we went contacting at the university. Oh my goodness. I loved it so much. Just three white girls who don't know very much Spanish talking to all these college kids. It was nothing but a blast. It got me so excited to be doing that every day in a few weeks. Don't get me wrong. I'm still very nervous and stressed, but actually being with the people and seeing how kind and loving they are, it got me 100 times more excited! We brought pass along cards and Book of Mormons and pamphlets and it was just so fun to hand them out and talk to people. My go-to phrase when first meeting someone was "Creer en dios y en Jesu Cristo?'' Do you believe in God and Jesus Christ? and everyone here believes in God and Jesus and the bible, and we were just able to testify about how we believe all that but we also have the best thing ever! The Book of Mormon! I loved it so so much. One guy we talked to spoke English so we were able to actually hold a nice long conversation with him. He was a really nice guy and he was very open to new ideas and he asked us if we believe in the holy ghost and we said yes! Then he proceeded to tell us how he has heard it too. One time while he was camping he heard a little girl crying and he knew it was the holy ghost talking to him. hahahah Not sure which holy ghost he is listening to, but after he said that I was able to bear my testimony about who the holy ghost is to me and how I feel him in my life and it was a really spiritual moment. I had so much love and happiness in that moment. I'm beyond happy here. I have so much love for the people and I can't wait to be with them everyday in the field. tomorrow we are contacting at the beach tomorrow, so I'm very excited. 

They say you are what you eat. If that's true, I'm definitely a plate full of rice. Lunch is literally two kinds of rice and two kinds of meat. Sometimes they have a little salad and usually there's a little fruit. The pineapple here is delicious and I eat that a lot.

Everything is good with my companions. Sister Mccann is 20 from South Jordan. Sister Prince is 19 from Tokerville . I feel soooooo blessed to have them and my district. I love them lots. We whistle together. A lot.

Sister Gulbrandsen, the MP wife, loves to take pics. Sometimes she just takes a pic and then hands us her phone to email it to our families. The temple was closed last week and this week. Normally we would go every p day. so kinda sucks since we are missing out on two weeks of going to the temple. But get this! Today the president and his wife are taking us somewhere! I don't know where but its a really pretty place or something, so I'm very excited.

On Sunday we had testimony meeting. Absolutely the most powerful meeting I've ever attended. The spirit was so strong. I was able to bear my testimony and it made the president cry. So it was a success. haha But no, it really was so spiritual, and hearing all these new missionaries testimonies was so amazing. The Lord has some amazing people doing his work. 

There is such an amazing spirit here. No offense to all you Provo mtc people, but daaang. I've got it good here. Best mtc experience ever! Getting to know everyone here and being on such a personal level with all the missionaries and the president and the teachers and the staff is so cool! 

So everyone left on Monday.It was just me and my district of 6 here for Tuesday and the morning of Wednesday. It was hard to say goodbye to everyone cause like I said, you just really get to know everyone here. But they are on to bigger and better things! But now!! We have soooo many Haitian elders. They call me Snow White haha and there are three Haitian sisters and lots of Americans going to Puerto Rico, so ya, we've had some fun changes. 

Steve left Monday. Just had to give him a handshake and watch him leave for two years.  The president and his wife talked to me after Steve left and said how amazing we are cause if they wouldn't have known about us dating before they wouldn't have even noticed anything. We definitely kept our distance.
I've come down with a killer cold, but esta bien. Don't worry parents. I'm feeling better.  I don't know if its from being sick maybe or what..... but my poor companions. Apparently I sleep talk soooo much here. haha I guess sometimes i just start saying "Mom" so I guess I really miss you mom. But here's where it gets good. The other night I was saying the first vision in Spanish haha. No memory of this but at least even when I'm asleep I'm practicing my Spanish. haha And I was singing I am a Child of God, too. Kinda weird and creepy for my comps haha lo siento. 

The church is sooooooo true! My testimony has been strengthend so much and I'm so excited for it to be strengthened even more. I'm one happy girl right now. I hope all of you are happy. Be focused on the gospel. That's what brings true happiness. te amo hermana white 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

February 2, 2017

 I should be an Ensign photographer hahaha, but these sisters are so cute and help me with my Spanish
 #selfiemissionary lol
 The nice army guy on the plane ride here with me and Hermana Prince. got to tell him about the church so yay. Also, ignore my weird hands. hahaha
 The mtc president and his wife. she reminds me of grandma R. They really are sweet people
 I love the plants here! The temple grounds are so gorgeous! And my hair is really big haha

 Elder Ackley leaves on Monday. 

This is Sister Anderson. Shes from Jamaica and she always say yo and girl.

This is the truck that brings the food every day.

Yo Yo Yo Sweet people, 

Hello!!! How is everyone?! I miss you all so much! 

This week was good. The elders in my district offered us sisters priesthood blessings, so of course I said yes, and the blessing Elder Monson gave me was so good. It gave me a lot of comfort about the language and being away from home and it talked a lot about how i will influence people and they will influence me. Then he paused for like 30 seconds and finally he started talking about how proud Heavenly Father is of me for serving in the temple and Elder Monson was saying things like how I devoted so much of my time before the mission to work in the temple and serve in the temple. That just hit me so strong that the Lord is the one saying the things that are said in priesthood blessings because Elder Monson didn't know about all the time i spent in the temple, but Heavenly Father did and that was just such a cool experience. Then that night in Spanish class my companions were feeling really overwhelmed with the language and started crying, but i felt completely at peace and I know it was because of the blessing I had received. I have always loved priesthood blessings, but my testimony was really strengthened that they are straight from Heavenly Father and that they can bring so much comfort. 

Speaking of the elders in my district, they are sooooo funny! i love my district so much. I literally have so many laugh attacks because of the elders. Its just what I need after a long day of Spanish study haha, but ya, my companions and the elders in my district have been such a blessing. I love them. The mtc has been so spiritual. I'm very blessed to be here. Missions are siiiiick! My teacher showed us a video about the Savior. Some of the quotes were so good "when we struggle we are standing shoulder to shoulder with the best person ever who struggled" "why would we think it would be easy for us if it was never easy for him" and they just all really helped me.

We went to the grocery store yesterday. It was nice to get out of the walls of the ccm haha. Gave me a taste of what it will be like. While my companions were in line buying stuff I started talking to this adorable old black man who spoke broken English and I was speaking the tiny bit of Spanish I knew. He was so friendly and cute and he asked me my name. It was the first time I introduced myself as Hermana White to someone outside of the mtc and it was just a really cool experience to call myself that and point to my name tag with Jesus Christ next to my name. Talking to him just got me so excited to talk to other people!! I cant wait!!

We did service around the temple the other day. Just did some raking and cleaning and it was soooooooo hot! Holy moly! I'm gonna die haha. No not really but i will certainly be sweaty pretty much everyday.
During physical activity time this adorable little chubby Dominican boy comes and plays games with us sometimes and he is so cute. Playing speed and volleyball and ping pong in the middle of the day is a nice break. 

I got mashed potatoes this week. 

I love you all so much! be safe out there