Monday, June 26, 2017

June 26, 2017

Hey yaa'lllll! So our investigator Cleonse....We had talked to him about baptism and gave him a date, but he said he has lots of questions about the priesthood and other things, so we were like okay, that's fine. Questions are good. So that was how that lesson ended. But then later in the week, he called us to say yesss, he wants to be baptized! That was the greatest phone call I have ever received! 

My comp and I are working so so hard and God is blessing us with so many miracles. Wow i am just so happy here doing the Lord's work! Fell in a man hole this week. Also some people stopped us on the street and they like went off and told us all their marital problems and wanted us to take sides and it was super awkward but pretty funny. 

These little kids were so cute. They saw my hand sanitizer on my bag and they all really wanted some and they ended up using all of my hand sanitizer but it was fine cause they were so cute. And they wanted my colorful pass along cards and then i gave them CTR rings and they were all so happy and sweet. 

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