Monday, June 19, 2017

June 19, 2017

 My MTC president saw us in this carrito and so he took a pic lol. You can't see but there are five other people in this lil car....this is the regular liiife 

At the immigration office getting resident status.
It was a week of miracles!! So I have three great strories for ya'll this week!! The first one is about Leonel, our investigator who has a baptismal date for the 15th de Julio. Up until this last week he hasn't been able to come to church cause he works on Sundays. We have been encouraging him and praying with him to get it off. Also he mentioned he doesn't know how to tie a tie and so he wouldn't be able to look his best for God, (his words). So my comp and I went to the store and bought him this clip-on tie, and when we went to take it to him, the first thing he said to us was, "I don't have to work Sundays anymore!!: Ahhh my heart was so happy. God truly is workin miracles! 

The next story involves Cleonsi, a Haitian man with two adorable lil boys. He's a new investigator and only has had one lesson but he came to church! Anyways, we were teaching him about the Book of Mormon and then I handed him one in French...and he held it in his hands and kissed it and then gave a blessing over the book haha. But it was just so great to see someone so happy to have this book! It made me think about how I take it for granted sometimes. We are all literally holding in our hands the word of God. Are we treasuring and loving it as much as we should?! He was so happy and he's progressing a lot!
Last but not least, Doxy! my recent convert who is amazing! We took him to the temple yesterday and you should have seen it. This 28 year old Haitian man was soooo giddy! and he had just gotten a new phone that can take pics so he was also really pumped to take all kinds of pics on the temple grounds. We felt the spirit so strong, I started shedding lil tears telling him about how amazing the temple is. It's honestly my fav place in the world, so ya'll better get there when ya can. 

Well there are some stories for ya. I'm meeting the most amazing people here on the mission. I love it here soooo much!
Don't have my thang to send pics which I'm sad about cause Doxy was throwing some nice poses on the temple grounds...but next week love yalllll 

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