Monday, June 12, 2017

June 12, 2017

Love my Haitians. I'm half blinking but just look at how cute all of them are

Also, I'm a turtle whisperer

A weird week here in the DR. So Claudia, the lady we found who we thought was super duper prepared, turned out to be kinda crazy. haha And by kinda I mean really crazy. So we thought it was super awesome she was excited to come to church, always excited to have us over for lunch and to talk with us. She always wanted us to go to the beach with her or the pool. She once threw this bikini at me so I could come to the pool with her, and we were just trying to explain to her that we aren't here to go swimming.  The other day she tried teaching us how to dance bichata, and ya. So long story short she really just wanted friends to hang out with. But she went off on me and my comp yesterday about how we are terrible friends for not inviting her to do stuff with us everyday or for not hanging out with her or for not having sleepovers at her house. And she was saying no way does she want to join a church like this if our God gives us all these rules. And then she started saying how our God is awful, and that was when i kinda started talking back. Like you can not like us and you can be mean to us. Whatever. But once you start talking bad about God because he has rules... Ya that's when I tried to kind of argue in Spanish haha, and I wasn't very good at it, but my comp was crying, so I was just trying to defend us and the church... Ya it was really weird and pretty funny looking back on it now. We left her on good terms but we won't be returning to Claudia. At least we got free food, and some free rides, and some terrible outfits from her. haha

Well that was kinda the highlight of the week! But I'm staying in Piantini for another 9 weeks. Should be good! I like it here. Just gotta watch out for our colmodo guy who brings us water. He's started saying "hola mi amor" and winking at me instead of our usual friendly encounters. But he does give us free candy so I guess there are pros to everything. lol Okay well! The church is true! love you all

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