Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April 25, 2017

el bautismo de ginito yaya

So today we went to the temple! Such a happy moment! I looove the temple! First time doing a session is Español. Goooood times haha

So this week I had a great moment. Doxy, who has said he has a testimony but doesn't feel ready for baptism told us that he is ready and has accepted the date of May 6! So yayayay! My heart was so full in that moment! I love seeing the change the gospel brings into people's lives! Missionary work is the best! 

So for this letter I'm just gonna tell ya'll about some things about the DR. I love it here but its certainly different haha

Dominican woman all have naturally curly hair. Buuuuut they all go to the salon every week and get it straightened, which is really dumb too cause none of them actually have that much money, but they alllll do it. You will rarely find a Dominican woman with curly hair, cause here curly hair is a sign of laziness and not having money. haha so pretty much that's me. Get up in the morning, shower, and let it dry all curly and frizzy.

In the DR the power goes out aaaaaallllll the time. The other day the power was out for like 5 hours and lots of stuff in our fridge went bad. But ya, it happens at least once a week.

Dominicans scrunch their noses if they didn't hear you. Like a rabbit haha. Instead of saying huh? or what? they just scrunch their nose and that's how you know they didn't hear you.

Dominicans are not on time to ANYTHING! The baptism we had the other week... our Bishopric showed up an hour late.... 

It's been rainy here all week. I've been loving it! But it turns out Dominicans are afraid of the rain. They cancel appointments if its raining. They won't go out. So that kinda sucks for us. But I've been lovin it. 

Theres a thing called the Colmado that brings you jugs of water. liquor. cheese. milk. some snack type things. haha But anyways, that's how we get our clean water--call the Colmado and a guy on his lil motorcycle brings us over water.
My new thing in the DR is this way way good pineapple drink with milk, and ya, its super good. We get it lots and lots. 

Also this week I ate the worst thing of my life. It was a member's birthday and they gave us a plate of these little sandwiches which had smashed up hot dog mixed with ketchup, mayo, and soy sauce, and it was on kinda soggy white bread. One of the grossest things I've had in my life. Worse that pigs blood on a stick in Taiwan. haha But anyways, there are some random facts for all of you! 

Oh, and I finally gave my jar of peaches away. Couldn't open it anyway.

Missions are the best! and the church is the very best! So are temples. Get out and go the temple! 

Love you all!

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