Monday, April 10, 2017

April 10, 2017

Hello people! 

What a good week. Went on transfers with Hermana Perez. Firey Latina who got in a big ole argument with some old ladies about the bible. And i was just sittin back wondering what the heck she was doing. And it was super awkward... I bought a jar of peaches this week and was super excited to eat them, and all week I have been trying to open the dang jar. And it wont open!! I even took it to our neighbor and he and his friend couldn't open it either. They were both trying at the same time and like grunting and using all their strength, but nope. Still can't eat my peaches. 

It's getting suuuper hot here. Even all the Dominicans are talking about how it's super hot. I've got a killer tan line where my watch is. 

This week Dania was baptized! I'm soo happy for her. The whole time getting her ready and stuff, she was holding my hand and my heart was just so full and I'm so happy for her. Our zone had all of our baptisms for this Saturday come together and so it ended up being this big baptismal event and it was awesome to see all these people enter the waters of baptisms. My comp and I and two other Elders threw a lil musical number together for the baptism and it was just a great evening! Life is great! The church is true! We are so lucky to know the truth. Remember Christ, especially this week. I'm jealous that you all can eat Cadbury eggs and Reese's eggs. Enjoy it. Love you all! 

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