Monday, March 27, 2017

March 27, 2017


So i talked a little about Manuel last week. Well his dad told him he needs permission to get baptized from his Catholic priest. hahaha  When i heard that, Ii honestly just started laughing a little. It's the dumbest thing. Why would his other church leader give him permission to be baptized in another church? haha But we will see how that goes.

Dominicans looooove soda. And i do NOT love soda. The carbonation tingles my ears and i just don't like it. haha But I'm forced to drink soda all the time here cause they love it and give it to us all the time. Dominicans are also extremely racist toward Haitians and we have a good amount of Haitians in our ward and we are teaching a few Haitians right now and our ward is just extremely rude toward them and its really dumb. Like you're all black, just different shades, so just love each other... But other than the racism in our ward, its good! We have lots of American families living here. They work for the American Embassy, so its nice to get to talk to Americans haha, And the ward is very friendly and nice.

As you can see from this letter, not too much happened this week since  I'm talking about soda and racism. haha We had toooooons of appointments fall through this week and lots of people say they would come to church, but they didn't. Sundays are soo stressful, as I'm sure everyone who has served a mission can agree. We went to Ikea today cause Ikea is just a good time, and I bought some gingerbread cookies so that was nice.... 

All right, well hopefully I will have something more meaningful for ya'll next week! I know for a fact this church is true! It brings so much peace and comfort in my life. Can't imagine living life without the gospel. Love you all! 

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