Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 21, 2017 - Two Months Down

haha My pics aren't loading. I don't know how to work technology, so all I've got are pics from my comp and a couple from the mission conference from my mission president. And i look really bad in all of them, but it is what it is. 

This is at Zona Colonial. I'm sure it was a really good tour..... but it was in Spanish so i only picked up a little of what was going on haha. But Chris Columbus was a dope guy.

Mission conference choir

Mission Conference Choir

Crazy that I only have 16 months left on the mish. Time goes by fast for sure, but i love mission life. It's so wonderful. I love the simplicity of this life. Yes of course it's hard and stressful with investigators and the language and everything, but just knowing that this time is dedicated to God and my Savior is just so cool, and studying the scriptures and feeling the spirit more than ever! Ahh, life is good! 

So we have two baptismal dates on April 8th for Dania and Manuel. Dania is the 14 year old Haitian. She is so sweet and so ready and I'm just so happy and excited for her. Manuel is the other. He is also 14 and that kid is hilarious. So his story is his friend is a member and he went to an activity with him and at the end of the activity they had a testimony meeting and Manuel bore his testimony. He's Catholic but has come to church ever since that activity and now we are teaching him. Ohh man. This kid is such a flirt--with all the girls at church, with me and my comp. haha. He loves to dab and blow kisses and he always wears a bowtie to church with a gold chain on the outside of his collar. I'm just trying to put an image of this kid in your mind cause he's just so funny. The problem with him though is he is kinda immature. Sometimes he doesn't pay close attention to our lessons and doesn't see the importance of reading and praying yet. But I have high hopes for him. He's the best.

Oh yeah. I got to shake hands with Elder Anderson this week! We had a great devotional with him! He's amazing! 

The driving here is absolutely crazy. There are lane lines but does anyone follow them? No, and i swear everyone here thinks they are in Fast and Furious or something. They all go as fast as possible and swerve everywhere. haha It's crazy. We get around town in these little 5 passenger cars where we pile three in the front and four in the back and its 25 pesos so when we have somewhere far to go that's what we use and its always so hot and sweaty haha. We have had some nice rain storms lately. I love the rain. And it's nice to be wet with rain instead of youre own sweat haha. 

We have these new investigators from Venezuela and they made us sushi the other night and it was the greatest tender mercy ever hahaha! No joke. Like the day before this i was really wanting sushi, so Heavenly Father listens to your desires. Even if it's just sushi.

The mtc president's wife gave this really good anology the day i was leaving the mtc. "You are always on an escalator. but is your escalotor moving up or down? Are you doing the things that bring your closer to your Savior and moving up? or are you doing things that move you farther down from your Savior?" Anyways!! The church is so true! I love it so much! Pray for my espanol por favor! Love you all

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