Monday, July 31, 2017

July 31, 2017

Happy birthday Hermana Chynoweth! When it's the b-day of your comp it's the b-day of you too. Loooots of cake yay


Shirtless man in the back lol men dont wear shirts here. 

Taught some of my Haiitans how to whip and dab. 

Ice cream for Jossue our lil helper. 

A lesson at the temple with Leonel. his idea.He just loves it so much. 

HOLA! The highlight of this week was definitely Saturday. Our dear investigator, Jossue had his baptismal interview, and he passed, and he will be entering the waters of baptism next Saturday. Jossue is so great. He is 14 years old, but super mature, and sweet and nice which is not the norm for 14 year old boys here in the DR. Usually they are kinda punks, but Jossue is awesome. He loves basketball and James Harden. He loves to do zumba with the women in his neighborhood, and he loves Chris Brown haha. 

Also I think I saw James Harden the other day.

But anyways, his interview was at 3 and the baptism was at 5 and that whole time he was our lil sidekick. He helped prepare for the baptism of Cleonse. We played a lil ping pong and he stressed with us when Cleonse was late for his baptism. BUT eventually we went with a member to go pick Cleonse up because his taxi wasn't coming, and it all worked out. The baptism was solid and he was soooo happy!  It's truly amazing how God's hand is in everything. The day I found him was intercambios with the CCM sister. So here I was with someone new, and all of the appointments I had set fell through, and so we went to this neighborhood and bussed the house, but it didn't work, but usually after like a minute and not hearing anything I would move on to the next house, but for some reason we stayed for a little longer than usual. And then out walks Cleonse. He was headed to work and didn't have time to talk, but we got his number and he said he really wanted us to come back.  The next week we went and saw him and that's how it started. I know it was the hand of Heavenly Father that made those other lessons fall through,  The hand of Heavenly Father that made me just wait at that gate a little longer. I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost who guided me to that house and for the Holy Ghost that touched the heart of Cleonse. That man was sooo prepared and I am so humbled and thankful to my Heavenly Father who trusted me to play a part in this man's conversion. Cleonse's testimony was so great at the end of the baptism. He said he is super happy to be baptized and how next Saturday he will get to go to Haiti and be at the baptism of  his neice and nephew, who he took to church in Haiti like 4 weeks ago, and now they will become members too! All through him. Woohooo This gospel is amazing and one of my favorite things ever is seeing someone's countenance change after they come to know the truth of this gospel. There is such a light and happiness. Life is good.  Love ya'll. 

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