Monday, July 24, 2017

July 24, 2017

Feliz cumpleanos Cleonse

Glivert and Crystal are super funny kids. We are teaching the mother of Gilvert, but the other day she wasn't there so we read The Book of Mormon for kids with them, and then Gilvert just started playing with my hair and like making dreads. haha He calls me Green because I have green eyes and my comp Blue because she has blue eyes, and he thinks that when we go back to New York (that's the only thing he knows about the US haha) our eyes will change to brown. haha He's a weird and funny kid. 

Baby Savannah hahaha


My sweet Rosmita learnin English

Hola Todos!! This week we had the Baptismal interview of Cleonse! And he is ready for this Saturday! Super excited for this man! 

So here in the DR there are men that just walk around with a cooler full of ice cream ringing a bell and they have this delicious cake flavored ice cream/popsicle thing. And it has become one of my talents not only to hear the ringing of the bell and find the ice cream man, but then to eat it suuuuper fast, because it will melt within like three minutes. 

Also something that tons of people do here is they say "si Dios quiere" (if God wants)  for everything. We say hey, come to church, hey, read this book, and the response is always "if God wants." Ughhh, trust me people, God wants. haha

So its pretty certain that i will be leaving in about 3 weeks and i am pretty sad about that. I have come to love these people soooo much. 

Also I am a third of the way done with my mission and I am soooo confused as to where the time has gone! Time is just flying by and I don't know how I feel about it.
There will be a little Haitian baby named after me here in the DR. haha My girl, Chelda, who is about to pop asked me what my first name was and how she wants to name her baby after me. So that's pretty sick. 

Also freak. I hate the men here. They are creeps and almost everyday I have some weird encounter with men trying to kiss me, or asking me to marry them, or asking me to say the word "perfecto" again because the way I say it is just soooo beautiful and attractive. (those aren't my words haha) But anyways, a really obscure thing happened this week on intercambios. So this man started talking to me in English and then he asked for my name and number so I put the names and number of the hermanas in that area, and that was that. But then this Sunday, in the ward of that area, in walks the man we talked to on the street, and he had a letter for the "pastor" and the letter said "I have received revelation that I need to marry Miss White, the girl who prays. I have all my information, my birth certificate, my papers, and now i just need the permission of the pastor." And then he goes on about how he needs to marry me. hahahaha I am sooo glad I am not in that area and that I was only there for a day. 

So yeah, I am having many strange experiences, but also the best ones of my life. I love this gospel and I am soooo happy to be a part of this church! Read yo scriptures! love you

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