Monday, July 17, 2017

July 17, 2017

Leonel was so pumped to show us that he put his head on a missionary. He says he wants to preach the gospel in Brazil. 

Bautismo do Leonel and also us tyring to learn how to tie the tie to teach him haha 

the smile of a man with the Holy Ghost!!


Also went on intercambios with an hermana from the ccm and her name was Brown and she's brown and my name is White and I'm white lol

Leonel Monterro is a baptized man!! His baptism went very well and after it he gave the most amazing testimony and said something like, "my parents both died when I was young and I have been alone since, but I have never been truly alone. I have always had God, and a long time ago, the voice of God said to me that I need to find the truth. And now here I am, and like the Book of Mormon says, I have partaken of the fruit and now I need to hold to the iron rod." And when he said those words, I just started crying. You guys!!! This work is so amazing. The gospel is true, and seeing it change tehse people's lives is sooooo amazing!

From the first time I met Leonel when we were contacting the building he "guards" and also lives in through the intercom, and then he came over and walked to us and I thought he was gonna say go away, but instead, he invited us to sit down and talk to him, and all I thought in that moment was "Wow, this man talks sooo much haha." But little by little the gospel started to change him, and God permitted me to watch this change in this man. I am so thankful. He still talks sooooo much, but it's okay. We still love him.

On Saturday, Leonel gave us some money to go buy him a new shirt and tie so he could look fresh for when he receives the spirit. But they didn't have any clip-on ties so we bought him a normal tie, but he doesn't know how to tie a normal tie. So we spent a good while trying to learn ourselves and teach him, but we kinda failed. And then on Sunday we were kinda stressed because he wasn't at church and he needed to be confirmed!!! But then he finallyh walked into the church during the sacrament and after, he received an amazing blessing that said the words, "You will meet a worthy woman and go to the temple with her one day," and guess what? I started crying again because once again, I was just in awe of the Lord's plan for his children. Leonel was late because he was figuring out how to tie his tie. haha. Ugh!

Also he was so excited to hand his tithing envelope to bishop. It was soooo cute. 

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