Thursday, February 9, 2017

February 9, 2017

Already gone through a pair of shoes, haha.

See ya in two years, Elder Ackley.

I've been blessed with good comps.

Took these from the roof of the MTC. This is my city!

The new Haitian sisters.

Hola my people,

What a week! On Friday we went contacting at the university. Oh my goodness. I loved it so much. Just three white girls who don't know very much Spanish talking to all these college kids. It was nothing but a blast. It got me so excited to be doing that every day in a few weeks. Don't get me wrong. I'm still very nervous and stressed, but actually being with the people and seeing how kind and loving they are, it got me 100 times more excited! We brought pass along cards and Book of Mormons and pamphlets and it was just so fun to hand them out and talk to people. My go-to phrase when first meeting someone was "Creer en dios y en Jesu Cristo?'' Do you believe in God and Jesus Christ? and everyone here believes in God and Jesus and the bible, and we were just able to testify about how we believe all that but we also have the best thing ever! The Book of Mormon! I loved it so so much. One guy we talked to spoke English so we were able to actually hold a nice long conversation with him. He was a really nice guy and he was very open to new ideas and he asked us if we believe in the holy ghost and we said yes! Then he proceeded to tell us how he has heard it too. One time while he was camping he heard a little girl crying and he knew it was the holy ghost talking to him. hahahah Not sure which holy ghost he is listening to, but after he said that I was able to bear my testimony about who the holy ghost is to me and how I feel him in my life and it was a really spiritual moment. I had so much love and happiness in that moment. I'm beyond happy here. I have so much love for the people and I can't wait to be with them everyday in the field. tomorrow we are contacting at the beach tomorrow, so I'm very excited. 

They say you are what you eat. If that's true, I'm definitely a plate full of rice. Lunch is literally two kinds of rice and two kinds of meat. Sometimes they have a little salad and usually there's a little fruit. The pineapple here is delicious and I eat that a lot.

Everything is good with my companions. Sister Mccann is 20 from South Jordan. Sister Prince is 19 from Tokerville . I feel soooooo blessed to have them and my district. I love them lots. We whistle together. A lot.

Sister Gulbrandsen, the MP wife, loves to take pics. Sometimes she just takes a pic and then hands us her phone to email it to our families. The temple was closed last week and this week. Normally we would go every p day. so kinda sucks since we are missing out on two weeks of going to the temple. But get this! Today the president and his wife are taking us somewhere! I don't know where but its a really pretty place or something, so I'm very excited.

On Sunday we had testimony meeting. Absolutely the most powerful meeting I've ever attended. The spirit was so strong. I was able to bear my testimony and it made the president cry. So it was a success. haha But no, it really was so spiritual, and hearing all these new missionaries testimonies was so amazing. The Lord has some amazing people doing his work. 

There is such an amazing spirit here. No offense to all you Provo mtc people, but daaang. I've got it good here. Best mtc experience ever! Getting to know everyone here and being on such a personal level with all the missionaries and the president and the teachers and the staff is so cool! 

So everyone left on Monday.It was just me and my district of 6 here for Tuesday and the morning of Wednesday. It was hard to say goodbye to everyone cause like I said, you just really get to know everyone here. But they are on to bigger and better things! But now!! We have soooo many Haitian elders. They call me Snow White haha and there are three Haitian sisters and lots of Americans going to Puerto Rico, so ya, we've had some fun changes. 

Steve left Monday. Just had to give him a handshake and watch him leave for two years.  The president and his wife talked to me after Steve left and said how amazing we are cause if they wouldn't have known about us dating before they wouldn't have even noticed anything. We definitely kept our distance.
I've come down with a killer cold, but esta bien. Don't worry parents. I'm feeling better.  I don't know if its from being sick maybe or what..... but my poor companions. Apparently I sleep talk soooo much here. haha I guess sometimes i just start saying "Mom" so I guess I really miss you mom. But here's where it gets good. The other night I was saying the first vision in Spanish haha. No memory of this but at least even when I'm asleep I'm practicing my Spanish. haha And I was singing I am a Child of God, too. Kinda weird and creepy for my comps haha lo siento. 

The church is sooooooo true! My testimony has been strengthend so much and I'm so excited for it to be strengthened even more. I'm one happy girl right now. I hope all of you are happy. Be focused on the gospel. That's what brings true happiness. te amo hermana white 

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