Thursday, February 23, 2017

February 23, 2017

I will miss my district.

I will really miss the temple

Elder DeWitt. We taught him. He's a really nice guy.

This is my last p-day in the ccm. Muy loco! I've had many amazing experiences in this sacred place, but I am excited and ready to go out into the DR and teach the gospel to these wonderful people. 

What a week! Cons to the week, I had to give blood so I can stay here. It sucked. Needles scare me to death, and I didn't even have your hand to hold, mom. haha And then I had to pee in a cup for the doctor, but she wouldn't let me close the door and I felt so awkward because Elder Monson was literally right next to me. The only thing between us was a super thin wall and if he would have stood up and looked over, it would have been baaaaad news. haha  But the other con to the week was my comp got cursed from one of the Haitian sisters hahaha. Here we are at dinner just enjoying our cheeseburgers. (no idea what meat is in the burgers though, haha) but anyways, there was a spider on Hermana Prince, so she kinda freaked out and then I saw the spider on my arm so I of course freaked out and in trying to get the spider off my arm I threw my burger across the table. So already we have everyone's attention. All the elders and hermanas were watching us and then we saw the spider on the table, so Hermana Prince slapped the table and killed the spider. So all was well again.... we thought... but noooope. The Haitian sisters watched my comp murder the spider and they were so angry. Seriously the look in their eyes was scary. haha One of the Haitians started telling Hermana Prince that they are not friends anymore and she grabbed Hermana Prince's pinky and did a weird curse thing to her. Then she said she's wicked. So we were all kinda laughing really confused at what was happening, but then Hermana Prince started crying. Then the Haitians saw that she was crying so they came over and started wiping her face and kissing her cheeks. It was just the strangest five minutes of my life hahaha. It was so weird and funny. 

But there were many pros to the week. We went on splits. I went out with Hermana Sanchez. We went to visit these two young girls. One was 14 and one was 11. They are Haitians. One could speak Spanish and French, so she would translate for the one that could only speak French. They were really sweet girls who are ready for baptism, but they need permission from their uncle. i also got to hold an adorable Haitian little boy who was like two. He kept grabbing my skirt to have me pick him up, but I didn't know what to do because I thought it was a rule to not hold kids. But then Hermana Sanchez said it was fine, so I didn't ask anymore questions and just held this adorable little boy during the lesson. I couldn't do much. I prayed and testified. That's about it, but it was really fun. The living situations are crazy. It's these tiny alleys of rooms and that is literally their home. Just really poor and everyone just kinda lives together. It's really sad some of the things I saw. But then our second lesson was to this Haitian couple. Who would have thought my first time out teaching would involve hardly any Spanish and mostly French? But we had a member come with us to translate. They were a really sweet couple. They need to get married but the law here is hard for them to get married cause they are Haitians. I don't know all the details but i could just see so much potential in them. i hope it all works out. 

As far as sister training leader in the mtc goes, me and my comps are all three in that calling. We just are over the other Hermanas. We make sure everything is good with them. And as far as music goes, I pick the hymns. I get special musical numbers for meetings. It's fun. i've picked some great people to do musical numbers. i haven't done it though cause I feel like I'm being selfish if I pick myself and its my calling. haha. 

Yesterday Elder Martinez from the Seventy spoke to us. It was a really good devotional, but the thing that most stood out to me was when he said, Opposition means you're on the right track. If the adversary saw that you weren't on a good path, he would just move along to someone else cause he has nothing to worry about with you. But when he sees you're in good places choosing the right he knows he needs to work even harder on you." So just remember that when times are hard, when there's a trial you think you can't handle, don't let the adversary bring you down. Turn to God for help!! 

My teacher was telling us about how he proposed to his fiance and this teacher struggles the most with English. This is a direct quote from his story. "i was so nervous i started crying from my skin" as in he was so nervous he started sweating hahahah I lost it when he said that. i will really miss my teachers here. They have been so wonderful! 

In the temple today i realized that it was the last time for a while because we only get to go every 6 months in the field. I will miss it. i loooooove the temple. Attend as much as possible. It's so sacred and amazing! I love you all. The church is true! PRAY FOR ME!! I hope I get a patient and helpful companion. I'm very nervous but I'm ready to get out and work my hardest. 

Hermama White

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  1. We are on it, to pray for your safety and success. You are amazing. We look forward to sharing your adventures and we love you. Cheryl Cantrell