Thursday, February 16, 2017

February 16, 2017

Sisters going to the temple

Making Pizza

 Another Lone Peak homie

Adorable Dominican baby


I miss you all! 

So president and his wife took me and my district to a place called Tres Ojos. Three Eyes. It was these really cool lakes inside these caves, and the water was so clear and it was super fun. All the new missionaries were in orientation so they took us out! It was really nice of them. The pics don't do it justice, but it was way, way pretty!

We went contacting by the beach last week. While walking to the beach.....wait for it.....some guy spit on me!! It was just this older man who looked homeless, but i smiled at him and then he just spit all over me. I was so caught off guard and just kept walking and wiped off all his saliva. But then there was no one to talk to by the beach!! And then it started raining super hard on us! So definitely not the best day compared to last week's contacting. But esta bien. Just getting me ready for the good and bad days of missionary work.

The next day I was reading my patriarchal blessing and this line stood out to me. It's in the paragraph about my mission and it said referring to the Savior: "He walks by your side at all times," and in that moment I just felt so close to Jesus Christ, my savior. I just imagined him walking beside me while I was spit on. Christ was spit on and persecuted and so much more! I'm a representative of him, so hate me and spit on me all you want. I don't care, because I'm the closest I have ever been to my savior and that's what matters to me. At first I was kinda sad and really grossed out that he had spit on me but if that wouldn't have happened, I doubt that line would have had such an impact on me and now I know no matter what happens for the next 17 months. my savior is beside me every step of the way! (kanye west) Also, everyone listen up. Read your patriarchal blessings! Don't take them for granted. They are amazing! 

Personal study is my fav time! I get so spiritually uplifted every time. In 2 Nephi 9:38 it says "Wo unto all those who die in there sins, for they shall return to God and behold his face and remain in their sins." This is why we need to be repenting everyday! Don't procrastinate repentance. Each day ask yourself, "If I died today would I be ready to face God?" If not..... well then get on it!!!!!! The atonement is so amazing and we need to be using it everyday! Be as confident as Enos was to come face to face with God. Enos 1:27. Read it. 

So I'm a sister training leader, and also I'm in charge of music here. It's fun. The Haitians sing sooooooo loud. They literally get so into it. They are like closing their eyes and moving their hands even for like sacrament hymns. Its really funny. When we all gather together and they are singing super loud in French and we have English and Spanish going too, its kinda a mess but its cool. haha The church is so true! I love you all! 

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